n. a trendy, comfortable and healthy place for a dog to rest and sleep

DoggySnooze is a unique dog bed - it doesn't fit into one category. It is orthopedic, elevated, chew-resistant (or chew proof for the matter), with bolsters, can be an outdoor dog bed, and yes it is a designer dog bed, so why not call it the ultimate dog bed. Welcome to DoggySnooze. Your dog will dig it!

In June 2011, we introduced DoggySnooze 2.0. Our designer completed a subtle re-design on the under carriage of the bed allowing for easier assembly. Along with this update, we also added many configurable options. The DoggySnooze 2.0 elevated dog bed now comes in three sizes, four modular furniture styles, five different bed layer colors and five different bolster covers. The bed frame is available in both black anodized aluminum and silver aluminum alloy.

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